Outreach Programme

‘Friends of Belalong’: A Community Engagement Initiative

Friends of Belalong’ is a volunteering programme set up by IBER in 2012. Its aim is to establish and strengthen linkages with the members of the public through their participation in activities organised by IBER. This programme also provides a platform for the members of the public to take active roles in supporting biodiversity and environment related initiatives, which in turn will promote sense of appreciation and  responsibility towards the protection of natural environment.

Volunteers have opportunities to volunteer in various activities that are related to IBER’s research and education. Examples of activities with volunteer’s involvement include:

  • Volunteer teaching assistantship and training
  • Flora and fauna survey at Andulau Forest and pre-survey training
  • Beautifying UBD Botanical Research Centre
  • Assistance in various research projects
  • Assistance with designing books, booklets, brochures
  • Photography
  • Assistance in event management

IBER Educational Publication Series

This is an outreach initiative to educate the public about the biodiversity of Brunei Darussalam. This is achieved through the publication of educational posters, pamphlet or booklets which are disseminated to various institutions.

For further details, please contact: office.iber@ubd.edu.bn