BRP Researcher visits KBFSC after 27 years

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Dr Mary Stockdale was one of the researchers from the Brunei Rainforest Project (BRP) at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS)/ UBD camp back in 1991. She was doing her Ph.D. research where she worked on rattans. 

On 10th August 2019, after 27 years, Dr Mary had the opportunity to visit KBFSC briefly and even reunited with the staff, Ramlah and Kuni, who were her field assistants back then.

Publications on her work during the BRP:

M. C. Stockdale; J. D. Power. Estimating the Length of Rattan Stems. Forest Ecology and Management 1994, 64 (47–57).

Stockdale M.C., Wright H.L. (1996) Rattan inventory: determining plot shape and size. In: Edwards D.S., Booth W.E., Choy S.C. (eds) Tropical Rainforest Research — Current Issues. Monographiae Biologicae, vol 74. p523-533, Springer, Dordrecht.