Enriching Professional Skills through Internship at IBER

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Ms Alice Ching Yuen Ying started her internship with UBD Botanical Research Centre (BRC) under the supervision of Dr Daniele Cicuzza from 10th June to 14th August 2019. She is a Year 3 student from the School of Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Under the ASEAN Internship Scheme for Hong Kong Higher Education Students for 2019, Alice chose Universiti Brunei Darussalam as her internship institution. She was attached to BRC and began her internship as one of the 11th Flora Malesiana volunteers where she had the opportunity to interact with numerous botany experts and plant scientists from around the world. She had also actively participated in the collection of plant samples from the forest for the ex-situ conservation initiative at the BRC botanical garden, along with other related activities such as plant propagation and garden maintenance. 

It’s a really fruitful experience. The plants here are quite different from HK and it’s very exciting whenever I found something new to me. My colleagues taught me a lot about the plants and how to take care of them. I’ll never forget the scenery in the forest, which is really breathtaking. Brunei people are super nice and I hope to visit Brunei again later.
Ms Alice Ching
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Mr Alvin Li Shaoyang interned at IBER from 8th July 2019 till 4th August 2019 and was supervised by Dr Rahayu Sukmaria Sukri. He is currently in his 2nd year at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University under the Applied Biology with Biotechnology programme. While being attached to laboratory work at the Faculty of Integrated Technologies in the morning, in the afternoon Alvin was assigned to assist with administrative-based research tasks at IBER. His internship tasks include organizing image collection, updating research database and drafting information publications.

My colleagues in IBER are all helpful when I’m confused so that I can finished most of the work on time. Most importantly, I never expected that they prepared a really nice farewell for me and another internship student (Alice) from Hong Kong as I thought I didn’t finish the assigned work perfectly. For me, this is definitely an unforgettable experience to make many friends and learn.

Through this internship, I did gain something that I can’t learn from the textbook. From the daily administrative work, lab work and field work, I gained higher resilience to new or harsh working environment, more interpersonal communicative ability and also extra botanical knowledge. In my future study, these skills can help me to better cooperate with new friend and adapt to new learning background quickly by communication and self-discipline.

Alvin Li
Hong Kong Polytechnic University