1. How long have you worked as a Research Assistant? Any volunteering? What is your official employment now? 

“I have been a research assistant under the Badas Tree Planting Project, a collaboration between IBER and Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART). I have done tree planting, tree census and seismic acquisition under the project for the last two years. Before this, I was involved as a volunteer in a few hydrology assessments under the Public Works Department. During the COVID times, I had an injured leg which took 2 months to recover but all is well.”

2. What is your area of research?


3. Why are you interested in this field?

“I like the challenge of learning new things, meeting new people. I like to get injured.”

4. Do you do it for the money?

“Not for money.”

5. Message for the younger generation?

“Get out. Be okay with being uncomfortable.”

6. How has this benefit you?

“I like the pressure. Being a workaholic, I can achieve a sort of a sense of fulfilment when I help people with their research.”

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