1. How long have you worked as a Research Assistant? Any volunteering? What is your official employment now? How has COVID-19 affect you?

“I have been involved in research since 2016 as a volunteer, looking at frogs, mammals, crabs, forest ecology and soil under IBER. I have also volunteered under the faculty of science for carbon sequestration research. I was officially employed for mammal works since 2019 and then on hornbill in 2020 during the COVID times. I am not affected much by the pandemic due to the circumstances of my research, I have to work alone.”

2. What is your area of research?

“My area of research is on herpetology.”

3. Why are you interested in this field?

“I enjoy watching animals’ behaviour. I like to be outside, putting myself in odd situations. I am comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

4. What drives you?

“Trying to new things.”

5. Do you do it for the money?

“Not for money.”

6. Any related involvements outside employer UBD? NGOs?

“I am heavily involved with many non-governmental organizations such as BruWILD, Brunei Nature Society, Panaga Natural History Society and Malaysian Nature Society.”

7. Message for the younger generation?

“Be the voice for the voiceless. Be curious and adventurous.”

8. How has this benefit you?

“I have had the chances to go places, fulfilling my feelings for exploring. And also meeting new people.”